Data Management Solutions

EIDOS uses MDM to help support our client’s business needs through:

  1. Assess the use of commonly of commonly used information objects, collections of valid data.
  2. Identify core information objects that are critical our client’s core business practices and are widely used among client applications
  3. Assist with initiating a standardized model for integrating and management of information objects
  4. Plan short term and long-term goals for establishing policies, proper data stewardships and management policies to ensure quality master data assets

Below is a set of additional data management services EIDOS Technologies provides.

EIDOS can assist with providing a holistic approach to your data governance business needs.

Our approach included the follow elements.

Through the holistic approach, we can ensure that your data management approach spans your entire organization and ensure that you are capturing the most of your data. Your benefits include

  • reducing business costs
  • process improvements
  • increased data quality
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • better decisions making

EIDOS has the resources and talent to provide a comprehensive database management and administration plan that include.  Although we adhere to the industry standards and best practices, we will take the time to understand and provide a solution that is unique to your business.  Some of our capabilities include

  • As needed consulting, planning, and developing services. This is ideal for short-term and ongoing database projects.
  • Upgrade support
  • Tuning, optimization, and assessments specific to your requirements
  • Auditing of database jobs and alerts with recommendations for improvements.
  • Data migrations both small and large
  • Remote or on premise database monitoring and support

EIDOS will ensure that we help you protect the most important asset of your business, your data.  With the combination of our recommended proven tools, our expertise in securing data and proven methodologies, EIDOS can ensure that a solid security plan is implemented to protect data from various sourced from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.

Does your business have large or complex data sets that they are difficult to process using traditional data processing applications?  EIDOS can help make this more manageable in a cost-effective way.

EIDOS offers an analysis of your systems and unstructured data to determine how best to utilize existing data and identify inefficiencies as well as provide short-term and long-term planning to help you better analyze, capture, search, share, store, transfer, visualize.  At the same time, we will assist helping your company understand the information privacy and industry standards that you should be aware of.

EIDOS strives to incorporate a continuous improvement methodology and continuous integration strategy in both application releases but also database release management and deployments.