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Word 2016


Microsoft Word 2016 is a very popular word processing program that can be used for both personal and business purposes. While already feature-rich and critical for productivity, Microsoft continues to improve and enhance its software with each new release like the latest Microsoft Word 2016.

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In this course, you will learn to navigate the interface, create documents that stand out, and how to extend the use of Microsoft word beyond its traditional uses. This course will cover simple document creation, complex long documents, and all aspects of the word processor. This online training course will cover three main areas including Basic Word, Intermediate Word, and Advanced Word.

Course Outline

Word 2016 Introduction

  • ┬áIntroduction To Word Interface Part1
  • ┬áIntroduction To Word Interface Part2
  • ┬áIntroduction To Word Interface Part3
  • ┬áView
  • ┬áTyping Part1
  • ┬áTyping Part2
  • ┬áTyping Part3
  • ┬áTyping Part4
  • ┬áResume Part1
  • ┬áResume Part2
  • ┬áBullet List

Word 2016 Intermediate

  • ┬áMenus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part1
  • ┬áMenus And Keyboard Shortcuts Part2
  • ┬áTabs
  • ┬áTables Part1
  • ┬áTables Part2
  • ┬áTables Part3
  • ┬áStyles Part1
  • ┬áStyles Part2
  • ┬áStyles Part3
  • ┬áPage Formatting Part1
  • ┬áPage Formatting Part2
  • ┬áPage Formatting Part3

Word 2016 Advanced

  • ┬áCreating An Outline
  • ┬áInserting Images Part1
  • ┬áInserting Images Part2
  • ┬áTracking Changes
  • ┬áMail Merge Part1
  • ┬áMail Merge Part2
  • ┬áLarge Documents Part1
  • ┬áLarge Documents Part2
  • ┬áOther Word Functions Part1
  • ┬áOther Word Functions Part2
  • ┬áDocument Comparison


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