Power Point 2010


This course provides training for basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 software. PowerPoint 2010 is a visual and graphical application, primarily used for creating presentations.

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With PowerPoint, users can create, view, and present slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs, animation, charts, videos, and much more.

Course Outline

Powerpoint 2010 Basic

  • ¬† Powerpoint Basic Flashcards
  • ¬†Intro To PowerPoint Basic
  • ¬†The PowerPoint Interface
  • ¬†Creating A New Presentation With Templates
  • ¬†Slide Layout
  • ¬†Visually Appealing Presentations
  • ¬†Preview Mode And Page Setup
  • ¬†Transitions
  • ¬†Creating Custom Slides
  • ¬†Animating Text
  • ¬†Animating Objects
  • ¬†Animation Timing
  • ¬†Conclusion

Powerpoint 2010 Intermediate

  • ¬†Powerpoint Intermediate Flashcards
  • ¬†Introduction To PowerPoint Intermediate
  • ¬†Sections And Organizing Slides
  • ¬†Adding Autoshapes
  • ¬†Inserting And Editing Pictures
  • ¬†Inserting And Editing Video
  • ¬†Inserting And Editing Tables
  • ¬†SmartArt
  • ¬†Animating Smart Art And Inserting Audio
  • ¬†Headers And Footers In PowerPoint
  • ¬†Setup Slideshow And Rehearsal Timing
  • ¬†Conclusion

Powerpoint 2010 Advanced

  • ¬†Powerpoint Advanced Flashcards
  • ¬†Intro To PowerPoint Advanced
  • ¬†Master Slides
  • ¬†Styles
  • ¬†More Functions With Video In PowerPoint
  • ¬†Transitions And Action Buttons
  • ¬†Customizing The Show
  • ¬†Printing In PowerPoint
  • ¬†Conclusion


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