After you create a project in Premiere Rush, you can start editing your project in the timeline. Generally at this stage of editing, you trim clips, move them around, add more clips, or delete clips. At this point in your editing workflow, the focus is not as much on enhancing your video (using techniques such as transition or color correction). The aim here is to make sure that your video follows a particular narrative in the order you want and that all extra footage is removed. Here are some common tasks that you will perform while editing your video in the timeline: Move or rearrange clips Trim clips Split clips Duplicate clips Manage tracks Premiere Rush timeline Before you start editing, take a minute to become familiar with the Premiere Rush timeline and its capabilities. The Premiere Rush timeline is a Non-Linear Editor (NLE). The timeline allows you to add, trim, split, duplicate, and arrange clips. You can arrange the media in any order and use additional tracks to stack or layer clips; you don’t have to put the media in the timeline in a sequential order

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