Corporate Values

EIDOS Technologies values its management team and employees.  Everyone adds different values that is a critical component of our success.  Our PIQUE approach drives both our employees and management team to not only provide best practices but solutions that are tailored for each customer and mission objectives with the goal to provide each customer with an optimal solution for achieving success and efficiency.  Our PIQUE approach is comprised of the following values:

Passion:              We embrace passion which enables us to personally invest in the success of our employees and customers. Passion also drives our ability to continuously move forward, innovate, and improve so we can solve problems and be proactive and innovative in addressing daily business challenges and processes for our customers.

Integrity:             We pride ourselves in being honest, open, ethical, and fair. Our integrity is the basis by which we chose to engage and interact internally and externally with others. Our relationships are built on earned trust based on our actions and dependability and follow-through with both our customers and partners.

Quality:               We never sacrifice quality and therefore we do what we do well.

United:               We are a united company and as a small business, we consider our employees and customers as an extended family. While individual contribution, diversity, and skillsets are important; our strength is our united front and our ability to celebrate everyone’s successes.

Expectation:      As thought leaders, we inspect what we Expect as our customers can only truly achieve their goals with good monitoring, or, inspection. We employ the right individuals, setting expectations and providing exceptional services and always exceed customer expectations.  The expectations of our employees and the company are high to deliver high performance and results.  High expectations lead to achievement. 

Our leadership team is derived of individuals and critical industry partners with a history of building successful companies.  EIDOS leverages the expertise of this stellar group in the following areas:

  • Government contracting
  • Technology industry
  • Business advisers
  • Financial experts
Helleni Moon

Chief Executive Officer
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Kathy Nibley

Acting COO & Chief Security Officer
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